Niche Industry Profits from Custody Battles

Courts refer children and parents to myriad professionals which creates an opportunity for business to pop up and profit from custody battles. There’s a self-serving incentive for these businesses to profit by retaining families in their programs. The sky is the limit on how much businesses may charge for ‘services’ and parents are court-ordered to pay the fees no matter how exorbitant (or unnecessary) they are.


Do such services truly serve the best interests of our children?

When courts order children to participate in these programs, children experience trauma, on top of the stress of being in the middle of custody battles.

  • detained by police and guards
  • transported to out-of-state residential programs
  • removed from their support networks, schools and activities
  • have limited or no contact with family and friends
  • required to perform manual labor from which the company profits


Are these programs legitimately ordered, or are they simply the result of our adversarial family justice system?


Fraud and Kickbacks

Detention and Residential Facilities for Children Caught in Custody Battles

Academic Counseling Businesses

Reunification Therapy


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