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The American Psychological Association (APA) has not yet enforced its code of conduct and professional standards.

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Dear APA President Shullman,

How does APA ensure the public’s safety from professional misconduct when it does not enforce its own ethical codes and professional standards?

Communications with APA

We are writing to ask for your assistance with unaddressed complaints to APA regarding Alissa Sherry (Tx 32248) who appears to be a current member of APA Div 41 and may be a former member of APA while she engaged in misconduct in dozens of cases.

APA Ethics Office directed us to TSBEP and Texas Attorney General, and indicated that it has no jurisdiction, yet this should not absolve APA from enforcing its own standards.

How does APA ensure the public’s safety from professional misconduct when it does not enforce its own standards?

We contacted APA Ethics Office on at least two occasions: Feb 2020 complaint #84941 and May 2019 complaint #83427. We also emailed Div 41 on Feb 21, 2020, and left a phone message on Feb 26, 2020 at 704-456-7276 per We have not received any response from Div 41.

The APA Ethics Office indicated that APA has no jurisdiction over this psychologist. The office asked us to figure out confusion about her membership (i.e., past versus current member, APA Div 41 versus APA member). The office indicated that even if Sherry was an APA member when she provided services, APA has no jurisdiction. It’s important to note that the psychologist’s past and current CV reference both APA membership and a long-standing association with APA. Thus, the public naturally expects this psychologist to comply with APA Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct ( as well as its scientific and diagnostic standards.

The sheer number of complaints against this one psychologist is alarming. We reported substantiated complaints to both TSBEP and AG. This psychologist has been under investigation by TSBEP since at least 2015, and is still being investigated in a number of complaints.

Update: APA Div 41 did not respond to email or return phone call. 

We have recently reached out to APA regarding a Div 41 member. Can you please check your records to see whether or not she is a member?

We are seriously concerned about the psychologist’s misconduct, unsound methods, and erroneous forensic evaluations in about 50 separate cases.

We are requesting your assistance regarding misconduct of forensic psychologist and APA member, Alissa Sherry.

We are a group of 50 parents (and growing) who have grave concerns about Sherry’s practices. The sheer number of people who came forward is troubling.

As APA recommended, we addressed issues with Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists.

The individual you are complaining against is not a member of the American Psychological Association (“APA”) and therefore, we have no jurisdiction over the individual.

You may wish to take your concerns to your state attorney general’s office or contact your local and/or state representative for assistance.

Was the psychologist an APA member at the time when we used her services, and during the time of the complaints, even though she is not currently a member. According to her CV, she was a member during previous years.

We have known TSBEP complaints dating back to 2015 and each year thereafter.

She lists “Division 41 of the American Psychological Association” under Professional Memberships and references APA throughout her professional career.

The resume you provided with your email indicates that the individual is a member of APA’s Division 41.  Being a member of a division is separate from being a member of the APA.  One does not need to be a member of APA to be a member of an APA division.

The Ethics Office does not have information regarding an individual’s possible past membership.  Please note that we only have jurisdiction over current APA members regardless of whether an individual was previously a member.

Countless professionals reviewed this psychologist’s work:  they found many ethical and code violations, as well as misapplication of scientific methods.

Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists is currently investigating numerous complaints regarding Sherry and her staff at Legal Consensus.  However, it takes years for these complaints to be investigated.

In the meantime, children who were wrongfully separated from their parents due to Sherry’s misconduct are left in limbo, which is tragic.

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