Together—mothers and fathers, and professionals and parents—we can reform family court and spare families from harm.

Professionals who provide services in family court cases must abide by state laws, as well as their profession’s code of conduct. When they do not, it has devastating effects on children and parents.

When we report misconduct in all of its forms, we try to reverse the damage done in our own lives, as well as raise awareness and prevent future misconduct.

If you reported or submitted complaints to agencies about a professional’s conduct, please contact us.

Report Misconduct & Fraud

We help families report professional misconduct. It can be stressful to revisit incidents, but it can also be healing.


  • Educate yourself on laws and codes that pertain to this profession.
  • Substantiate and present evidence of  violations of laws and professional standards.
  • Be aware that cases are met with skepticism and prejudices. Be concise and fact-based.

Taking Action

We reported professional violations to the following agencies. While reform is slow, when we speak up about our own cases, we raise awareness of systemic problems.

Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists (TSBEP)

American Psychological Association (APA)

Texas Attorney General (AG)

TSBEP Dismisses Valid Complaints & Did Not Respond to Petition

TSBEP licenses and enforces psychologists in the state of Texas. It is mandated to investigate complaints about psychologists who perform both psychological and custody evaluations in family law cases. TSBEP takes 1-2 years to investigate complaints and does not disclose much about its investigative process.

The enforcement division has been investigating one of its licensees since at least 2015 and repeatedly dismissed complaints against this psychologist. It’s still investigating numerous complaints against this licensee.

Read and sign our petition to TSBEP here:

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American Psychological Association (APA)

The APA establishes codes of conduct and professional standards for psychologists.

APA Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct

We submitted the following complaints, however we are not aware of APA taking any actions yet.


2020-02-21 APA Div 41 (Psychology-Law) – No Response
2020-02-19 (Case #84941) APA Ethics Office – No action taken
2019-05-18 (Case #83427) APA Ethics Office – No action taken

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Texas Attorney General

We submitted the following complaints to the AG. The Consumer Protection Division is monitoring the matter and has not yet taken any actions of which we are aware.


CGS-238258 2020-02-20
CGS-223249 2020-02-20
CGS-225253 2019-09-16
CGS-212176 2019-03-20

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