Psychologist (falsely) opines that alienating parents are most often mothers

Dr. Alissa Sherry opines that alienating parents are most often mothers (see image below in court testimony given under oath).

” … most of the alienation cases I’ve seen have been mostly mothers, but I’ve had a handful where the father was the alienator”  (note this is someone who has said that they have done hundreds of cases and she admits that only a handful have shown the father is the alienator?)

She gives no valid and reliable scientific evidence to support her opinion.  This is gender bias against women. In fact, research on alienation most recently from Joan Meier and others indicates that alienation is not most often mothers.

How can a custody evaluator with a preconceived known gender bias perform unbiased custody evaluations?  It is no surprise that she sides against the mothers around 80-85% of the time in family court cases.

This transcript was provided to the TSBEP in a previous complaint years ago and that complaint was dismissed.

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