Here are some of the cases that inspire Coalition for Family Court Reform.  In some cases, parents must, or choose, to preserve confidentiality for their and their children’s safety.

P. & L. T.

After being falsely accused and separated from her children, a Texas family was reunited in late 2019. The mother and her husband worked tirelessly with their attorney, Richard Ducote, to expose misconduct and reverse the damage from Texas and Louisiana courts.

Based on a psychologist’s fraudulent evaluation, a judge awarded primary custody to the father who was abusive and had an inappropriate relationship with a minor. The father moved the children out of state and away from their mother in Texas.  

This family endured years of trauma, but persevered and are now recovering together. 

One of the most recent recusal motions filed against Oglesbee did not reach a hearing on the merits — but it may have lit a fire to resolve a custody case that had dragged on for three years. A mother fighting for custody of her children filed a recusal motion in September that cited Oglesbee’s relationship with Mack, who represented the father in the case. Two months later, the parties reached a custody agreement that largely favored the mother.” (The Advocate) 

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W. L.

A Texas court terminated a mother’s parental rights to her young child in Sep 2018, based largely on the actions of an unethical psychologist. This psychologist disregarded the father’s domestic violence and even blamed the mother, who suffered a traumatic brain injury from his abuse.

The father (not the state) requested  the court to terminate his ex-wife’s parental rights. When the state seeks to terminate a parent’s rights, every effort is made to preserve the relationship between a parent and child. However, this mother was not afforded any of those opportunities because it was a custody battle.  

No other professionals thought  it was in the child’s best interest to terminate the mother’s rights. Yet, this mom went from being the primary parent to having no rights at all.

The mother’s appeal was dismissed due to it being an accelerated appeal. Since she was pro se and understandably devastated at the loss of her child, she did not file the appeal within the 20 days required by law. 

The mother does not believe she has any legal recourse to see her child again. They have not seen each other since July 2018.

G. S.

A Texas mother retained custody of her child despite receiving a false and unsubstantiated diagnosis from an unethical psychologist. The psychologist manufactured this diagnosis and distorted facts to support it. Other professionals refuted the psychologist’s opinions.

The mother is a responsible and loving parent, has no criminal record, and has no psychological disorders. At the time of the evaluation, the mother had been the primary parent for the child’s entire life (12 years old) and the child thrived (academically, socially and emotionally) in her care .

The father falsely accused the mother of parental alienation, though there was no evidence of such. The father petitioned the court for the child to be removed from the mother, and sent to an out-of-state boarding school or sent to live out-of-state with the father.

The unethical evaluator minimized and disregarded the father’s history of psychological abuse of the child and mother, and incidents in which he injured the child (e.g., kicked the child in the stomach).

The mother and her teenager enjoy life together now, and are recovering from 15 years of family litigation and having to see about 20 professionals during litigation.