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Our Mission

Improve the lives of children and families, and reform family court through education and advocacy.

Our Story

We are advocates and parents whose children and lives were torn apart after being caught in family court litigation. We gained an intimate knowledge of how this system undermines the best interest of the child and further damages families instead of helping them.

Initially, we advocated for ourselves, seeking remedies for the wrongs done in our own cases. After hitting roadblock after roadblock from agencies which are supposed to protect the public, we recognized how deeply-entrenched the problems are.

Family court cases devastate families financially as well as emotionally. There’s a vicious cycle in which professionals perpetuate and inflame cases, and manufacture problems where there are none, which does not serve the best interest of the children or families.

These issues can and should be unifying; it is not us against them. Judges, attorneys and forensic professionals alike should join families in reform efforts, especially when they are in this field to help children and families.

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How does this happen in courts today?

Our stories can be hard to understand and believe, especially if you have faith in our justice system, like we did.

Though perhaps well-intentioned, our family court system has flaws that ultimately harm our children and families.

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