Psychologist Can’t Be One Sided Expert

CHILD CUSTODY – EVIDENCE – PSYCHOLOGICAL EXAM Kelly v. KellyNo. 46748(Idaho Supreme Court, September 10, 2019)The magistrate court abused its discretion by permitting husband to retain psychologist to perform a parenting time evaluation as his expert, in divorce proceeding when child custody was a contested issue; parenting time evaluators can be selected only by stipulation […]

H.B. 1501 amends the Family Code to include a child custody evaluator among the individuals appointed in a suit affecting the parent-child relationship who are immune from liability for civil damages arising from an action taken, a recommendation made, or an opinion given in the suit. HB01501I C.S.H.B. 1501 By: Thompson, Senfronia Juvenile Justice & Family Issues Committee Report (Substituted) BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE   Interested parties note the need to clarify and update the law relating to child custody evaluations. C.S.H.B. 1501 seeks to provide that clarification and update.   CRIMINAL JUSTICE IMPACT   It is the committee’s opinion that […]

VIOLATION OF 8th AMENDMENT (bond shall not be excessive…..)

I was arrested for parental kidnapping after my daughter had pled with the FOC and Judge to save her from her abusive father. After hearing her pleas the Judge signed a “pick up” order for her immediate return to her abuser. I refused and was arrested for parental kidnapping. The arresting State Police were our […]

United States Supreme Court Rulings rendering CORRUPT Judges IMMUNE

Bradley v. Fisher, “A judge will not be deprived of immunity because the action he took was in error, was done maliciously, or was in excess of his authority….” Stump v Sparkman, the Supreme Court ruled that the judge could not be sued….” it was irrelevant that the judge’s decision may have been contrary to […]

TRUE STORY – Letter written to Judge from Child pleading for help

After receiving letter the Judge signed an order for the childs’ immediate return to abusive father. Plus an arrest warrant for parental kidnapping on mother. “I have expressed to two court employees my desire to live with my mother and instances of my father’s abuse. Recently, I told Allen Schlossberg of an incident that happened […]

I lost custody of my son due to biased evaluator Mothers Civil Liberties Union (MCLU) Director Rachel Alintoff says “unless you’re in the court system, you would have no idea this was happening” discussing sexist biases of New Jersey’s court systems.


On February 6, 2013 Judge Janice Cunningham refused to allow me to file “MOTION TO REOPEN CHILD SUPPORT CASE AND REINSTATE THE ORIGINAL ORDER OF SUPPORT BASED ON FRAUD ON THE COURT BY THE DEFENDANT-xxxxx”. Denying me my constitutional right to ‘DUE PROCESS OF LAW” Laws supporting Motion – MCR 2.612 (3) This sub-rule does […]

Texas Derived Judicial Immunity

JUDICIAL IMMUNITY OF JUDGES, JUDICIAL OFFICERS, DERIVED JUDICIAL IMMUNITY derived judicial immunity provides broad protection. “Once an individual is cloaked with derived judicial immunity because of a particular function being performed for a court, every action taken with regard to that function—whether good or bad, honest or dishonest, well-intentioned or not—is immune from suit. Once […]


CONDENSED HISTORY OF CORRUPT CHILD SUPPORT CASE (Order erasing $60,000.00 child support arrears was based 100% upon fraudulent petitions, fraudulent documents and perjury; ALL known by Judge prior to his ruling) – June 1991 Original child support order $130 a week; $75 child support and $55 childcare. August 1991 the Defendant filed a petition for […]

US Judicial Immunity Case Basis

In the United States, judicial immunity is among a handful of forms of absolute immunity, along with prosecutorial immunity, legislative immunity, and witness immunity. The U.S. Supreme Court has characterized judicial immunity as providing “the maximum ability [of judges] to deal fearlessly and impartially with the public”.[8] The justification is as follows: because of the likelihood of innocent individuals […]


HOUSTON CASELAW ON DERIVED JUDICIAL IMMUNITY A person entitled to derived judicial immunity receives the same absolute immunity from liability for acts performed within the scope of his jurisdiction as a judge. Dallas County v. Halsey, 87 S.W.3d 552, 554 (Tex. 2002). Judicial immunity can attach to certain non-judges because the policy reasons for judicial immunity– protection of individual […]